Lazy meals: Meatballs with zucchini “pasta”

Spend a little more on quality mince beef and you can be rewarded with a meal unlike anything you’ve tried before with the housewive’s staple. If you can source some free range or organic mince beef that has been aged, it’s well worth the effort. The meat that I used was pasture fed Black Angus from Argyle Prestige Meats which I bought at Harris Farm Markets.

Pastured mince angus beef

Pastured mince angus beef

This dish is another of those lazy-but-oh-so awesome Paleo-friendly dishes that I love to make and then savour. Meatballs put the ‘comfort’ back in comfort food, but the beauty of this dish is that the zucchini “pasta” is a great stand in for the grain variety. I’m not going to post a recipe for the meatballs as everyone seems to have their favourite recipe for meatballs already, but I wanted to post this all the same as an idea of a great dish that can come from sourcing the best ingredients you can and applying those to a favourite recipe with impressive results. This may all sound like hyperbole, but when you really get in to Paleo cooking, your tastebuds search out good quality ingredients instead of addictive, but empty and damaging, hits of wheat and sugar.

Here are the details for making the zucchini “pasta”: make the pasta threads themselves by slicing the zucchini into julienne strips, then dunk in boiling water for 2 minutes only and then drain. Use 1 zucchini per person that you are serving.

Meatballs with zucchini "pasta"

Meatballs with zucchini "pasta"


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