Eating out Paleo in Sydney: el Capo

No doubt, eating out Paleo can sometimes induce a violent episode of hair pulling. So, I’m always delighted when I find gems in Sydney that make it easier, and downright delicious!

el capo

el Capo

I’ve been to el Capo three times in the last couple of months so I definitely like the joint. The first time I went, I was on my own and much to my bemusement, George and Matt from Masterchef came in for lunch and sat right opposite me. Quelle horreur! I’m self conscious at the best of times, and unfortunately I had nowhere else to look except right at them. Thanks to my trusty iPhone, I managed to avoid being slapped with a restraining order owing to excessive unintentional staring.

Sydney is currently in the midst of a South and Central American cuisine obsession – see the runaway success of Porteño for starters, not to mention all the decent new Mexican places springing up all over the shop. el Capo doesn’t disappoint –  from the amazing murals on the wall to the cool, yet super friendly staff, and of course….the food. The dishes are all quite hearty – you probably won’t be leaving this place feeling peckish as most mains revolve around a key cut of meat or some quality fish. They’ve also got some great sides and snacks such as cabbage salad, which is deliciously fresh, and plaintain chips…those are on my list to try next time.

el Capo ....super bad!

el Capo ....super bad!

On this latest visit, I met up with Laura (@foodfoodandmore) to talk food, Paleo and UX. We both ordered the sweet pork neck from the new menu. It was definitely delicious, though the pork was a little dry. The sweet potato was cooked to perfection and balanced well with the guajillo sauce which had a mild spice and smokey flavour.  A definite winner. I should point out that I have no idea whether there is gluten in the sauce – so if you’re intolerant or celiac, best to ask. For the flexible Paleo eaters and the non-Paleos, try the cornbread on the side….it’s incredible!

Sweet pork neck

Sweet pork neck

el Capo
52 Waterloo St. Surry Hills NSW Aust. 2010
Ph 02 9699 2518


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