Paleo suppliers – Sydney and beyond

I often get asked where I get my Paleo supplies from. I’m Sydney based and have a few favourite haunts from which to get my bits and bobs. It would be great if I could regularly afford to shop somewhere like Thomas Dux, but that isn’t about to happen soon, so the places I go offer good bang for my buck, along with some intriguing people-watching as in the case of hippy hangout The Suveran in Bondi Junction – aka the crazy in the coconuts place.

I’ll be updating this list as I discover new gems but these are my preferred suppliers so far. Aside from this list, Asian supermarkets, quality butchers, seafood markets and growers markets are also great places to source Paleo goodies from too!

The Suveran
244 Oxford St Bondi Junction NSW
Phone: 02 9369 4040

I absolutely love this place. It’s so unique that going there feels like an adventure and I always wonder as I’m heading towards it “what tidbits of oddball information am I going to pick up today?”

They have two stores – one stocks organic produce and lots and lots of staple products such as coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, coconut flour, nuts, dried fruits – and the other is more of a cafe-style hangout with a stash of supplements and raw chocolate to die for (though watch out for the carob lurking in the fridge right next to the chocolate, doh!) This is also where I get to indulge in coconut water and flesh from A REAL LIVE COCONUT!

I usually order a delicious lunch of slow cooked lamb shank with veggies and salad. And I never forget to grab the free coconut that you get with purchases of $10 or more. Get the gang to cut it open with a machete, grab a straw and slurp your way to heaven. When you’re done with the juice, get them to crack it again, in half this time, to scoop out the flesh.  I always laugh when I read the items on the menu, their wacky sense of humour is in evidence with dishes such as “lamb crap” – that would be a crepe.

The Suveran

The Suveran - delicious hippy food served with a side of coconut

The Suveran is very Paleo friendly and works well for people on other types of diets as it’s all gluten, dairy and sugar free. Everything tastes phenomenal – except the carob that is 🙂 They have a wide selection of health books – you can read their copies for free and then buy a new copy if you wish to. They’re a non-profit so the prices are very reasonable indeed and I really like their ethics. I’m planning to go to their cooking class on September 3rd so I can pick up some tips to improve my cooking, and nab their treasured chocolate recipe.

Dr Earth Healthfoods
311 King St Newtown NSW 02 9519 3495 and
444 Oxford St, Bondi Junction NSW 02 9389 2160

I could easily drop $100 in here no problems. Though I don’t buy supplements in Australia anymore, I rely on this place for a few of my favourite food and beauty items – coconut flakes are only for $6 for 500grams, organic hair care products, cheap goats milk soap and natural scented soaps (only $5 for 3 cakes). I really like the staff in the Newtown store, led by the wonderful Adam – they navigate their way around the over-stocked store like acrobats and always have a smile. I’m relaxing my strict Paleo-adherance at the moment to include things such as fermented soy and buckwheat, so this is where I get miso paste, tamari and 100% buckwheat noodles and bread. I make a mean miso soup with the paste, noodles, seaweed and Dulse flakes.

Sign up as a member to get 21% off on selected days each month (this is on most products except perishables and practitioner products).

Wholesome Natural Health Market
181 Broadway BROADWAY NSW

02 9211 1171

Wholesome Natural Health Market

Wholesome Natural Health Market

This store is quite similar in range to Dr Earth and they also have the same discount structure and the same discount days – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right? A great range of fresh and packaged products and really knowledgeable staff make this store a real treasure.

Wholesome Natural Health Market

Wholesome Natural Health Market


My addiction to US online store iHerb is so bad that I’ve got VIP status. Ouch! I don’t buy supplements in Australia anymore because the US has much better range and incredibly cheap prices. I’m sorry Australian retailers, but I need to save money somewhere and this is how I do it. I order all sorts of goodies from iHerb including rose hip oil – only $5 instead of the $20+ you pay in Australia – lots of supplements, coconut flakes and coconut butter – which is soooooo tasty, cacao powder, stevia drops, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant. You get the drift, it’s awesome. At the moment, orders are taking about 3 weeks to arrive after ordering, but the discounts make it worth it. My hot tip is to keep your order under $US80 and under 4 pounds in weight (the checkout calculates this for you) so you get airmail shipping for only$6. I usually make sure my order is as close to $80 as possible to get the best value I can from each order.

If you want to try out iHerb, feel free to use my discount code for $5 off first time orders: ISO110

Be really careful not to order anything that’s illegal to import in to Australia… I did this once and got a slap on the wrist from quarantine…oops! But I was trying to buy something that was $7 compared to $70 in Australia and didn’t realise at the time I couldn’t import it. Here’s the ICON database to check on the legalities of importing things in to Australia and iHerb also has a handly list that appears on the shopping cart page to advise what items are often confiscated by customs. Do be careful, especially if you try to buy some expensive supplements like I did….turns out customs don’t like mushrooms…who knew?

The big supermarkets

For those on a budget, the main supermarkets are an important place to stock up on fresh produce, meat, oils etc. Here’s what I tend to get from each place.

Coles: macadamia nut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, turkey mince, lamb mince, dukkah (spice mix), spices, mackerel, sardines, anchovies, coconut milk, coconut water – this is going to be a summer treat since it’s in a popper box you can freeze 🙂

Woolworths: Select tinned wild Alaskan salmon

Aldi: free range eggs, smoked sardines, bulk avocadoes, bulk zucchini, Italian proscuitto, macadamias

The Nut Roaster Company
79-81 Chapel St, ROSELANDS, NSW
02 9759 1206

Nut roasters are where I stock up on nuts and almond flour for those all important biscuits and muffins!  I also get my anchovies in bulk (in olive oil) and olives, though the last time they were way too salty, even for me.


Obviously, I like nuts.

7 Star Supermarket
408 King Street, Newtown
Tel: 02 9565 5521

I pick up Spring Hill free range bacon and their AMAZING aged beef mince from this store. This is the best beef mince you will ever taste, I’m not kidding.  They also stock all sorts of organic, gourmet products and really cool smoked fish.

Harris Farm Markets
Locations around Sydney

Great range of dried fruits, fresh fruit and vegetables and plenty of unique products such as duck meat and duck fat, free range pork and sustainable tinned fish. And I love to pick up Ginger Nectar which is an incredibly potent ginger juice with honey. I really like my ginger, what can I say?

Flemington Markets

Submitted by Gazza, this has become a real Sydney institution for fresh produce and flowers. According to Gazza:

(Sat morning – get there early!) is a source of freshly grated coconut (done at the markets) and fresh (frozen) coconut milk. You can get kim chee too (Korean fermented veges, good source of probiotics).

I need to get there stat, just to try the grated coconut!

Alfalfa House

Don’t be put off by the vegan-sounding name – Paleo peeps can get a lot of their staples from Alfalfa House whilst purchasing goods in a considerate manner. Alfalfa House is an ethical, not-for-profit (just like The Suveran) co-operative that shuns packaging for most goods. Perusing their website, the items available that are most relevant to Paleo would be fresh produce, spices, eggs and wide range of oils.

Meat, poultry and game suppliers

I’ve collated this list from around the traps but so far haven’t bought anything from them as I’m currently restricted by a limited budget.

Urban Food Market: really keen to try out the diced goat and some of the free range pork

Otway Pork: I’m going to be trying a pork belly from this supplier soon. After my first attempt at pork belly was an absolute disaster that almost sent me vegetarian, I’ve done my homework to find a quality product

Craig Cook’s Prime Quality Meats:  Submitted by Gazza (thanks!) – he sources 100% grass fed platinum beef from this store  with outlets all over the city, except the deep south for some reason

Stapleton’s Quality Meats: Just had to add a butcher located in southern Sydney (Sutherland and Gymea) to make up for Craig Cook’s being everywhere except the south!  I haven’t shopped here yet, but they seem to have a wide range of meats including venison, which I last ate in a French restaurant about 10 years ago – it’s been too long! They also have an online shopping and a delivery service.

Spring Hill Beef (and bacon): As mentioned above, the mince is the best I have ever tasted, and I’m really happy with their bacon product too.

If you have any great Sydney-based or online suppliers, let me know so I can add it to this list!


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14 Responses to “Paleo suppliers – Sydney and beyond”

  1. gazzamon Says:

    Great post Cinnamon! Good to see a Sydney-based blogger showing the way for us local Paleo creatures.looking to source high quality whole foods. Keep up the great work!

  2. gazzamon Says:

    You did a great job! Some additional suggestions: Craig Cook’s butchers sells 100% grass-fed Tova Platinum rump (I get mine at Rhodes Shopping Centre: around $17 a kilo.
    Alfalfa House at Newtown is good for some organic products, coconut oil, coconut flakes etc
    Flemington Markets (Sat morning – get there early!) is a source of freshly grated coconut (done at the markets) and fresh (frozen) coconut milk. You can get kim chee too (Korean fermented veges, good source of probiotics).

    Food for thought? Ancestral Health Symposium (AHS) videos

    … very nourishing!


    • Sally Cinnamon Says:

      Oooh! even more places for me to check out 🙂 thanks Gazza! I’ll add your suggestions to the list.

      I’ve walked past Alfalfa House a million times or looked at it over from the Enmore Theatre but have never been in. I’m especially keen to find some bulk EVCO – do you know the price by chance? I use a fair bit in baking so need to get the cost down.

      I’ve got a recipe for Kimchee that I need to try…scary but I figure if I can make proper milk kefir, I can do kimchee right?! Have you tried making fermented food?

  3. gazzamon Says:

    GPA wholefoods might be a goer for EVCO … expensive though?
    Ring Alfalfa House and they’ll give you their price for organic coconut oil. Is EVCO a ‘first pressing’? Familiar with EVOO but not with EVCO!

    Never really liked milk kefir … BTW, you can get raw milk (Cleopatra’s Bath Milk: can’t sell raw milk for human consumption so it’s only for bathing in … LOL) from Whole Foods House – 109 Queen St Woollahra 9363 9889. Only available some days, it’s from Gympie Qld. I’m strictly Paleo at the moment so no dairy for me.

    I’d like to try smoked sardines – where can I buy them?

    Spring Hill beef is finished on grain – yes? Wonder if a few weeks on grain adversely affects the Omega 6:3 ratio? I’ve found it hard to get 100% grass-fed beef (except for Tova Platinum rump at Craig’s butchers) without buying bulk. Have you had any success?

    I’ve checked out (online) the Paleo meetup group in Sydney. Doesn’t seem to be really happening. Be nice to met a few Paleos to ‘chew the fat’ so to speak.

    Are you enjoying the AHS videos? Robb Wolf’s and Mat Lalonde’s (very savvy) presentations struck a chord with me; also “The rainforest in your gut: A brief tour through your intestinal biome, why it’s messed up, and how to fix it” by Dr. BG & TG is particularly pertinent for me as I’m dealing with Leaky Gut – brought on through mercury toxicity from my amalgam fillings (50% mercury!). Mercury toxicity is a killer! All AHS videos at


  4. marksy Says:

    do you get stung for import duty? I’m sure anything consumable coming into the UK with be taxed heavily. I bought 3 tshirts online at $32, was stung with £20 import duty.

    Sending a box of treats (CDs, magazines and candy bars) back to mum and dad in NZ was gunna cost £30 – if i took out the candy bars it was £18..

    • Sally Cinnamon Says:

      Hi 🙂

      In Oz, we sometimes do. If order things using DHL or FedEx – myself and a few others suspect something dodgy is going on there (revenue raising on the part of those shipment companies). If I order things via regular airmail into Oz, I have never ever paid any import duty….and I’ve been importing different things for 10 years now.

      The UK is a total nightmare with imports – I would hate to think how I would cope if I lived there again as I get so many supplements from the US that are much much cheaper. I also bought a gift on Etsy for a London friend and had it sent from the US. The seller wrote “gift” clearly on the packaging, yet Royal Mail or whoever sent my friend a card telling her she needed to pay 12 quid for import duty – what a joke. So, she didn’t pick it up, and it never got sent back to the seller. So I wasted money on that gift, and my friend never got it. MOFO’s!

  5. Marlla Says:

    first I’d like to say, that I like your blog very much. It’s nice to see someone from Oz blogging about paleo as I’ve been playing with the thought for a while now (and need a bit of inspiration).
    Anyway, I checked the iHerb website out and now I’m wondering how you manage to spend $80 with weight under 4 lbs. I just put one coconut butter of net weight 454g and the whole shipping weight jumped to 4lbs right away. Does this include the packaging? I’d love to order some more stuff from there (thank you for the recommendation btw, you were right, the prices are awesome comparing to the prices here) but 4lbs is very limited and small weight:-(
    And one more question if you don’t mind…are you using rosehip oil on your face? I’ve read a lot about it but have never tried it myself. Is it any good?
    Thank you again for your blog and I hope you’ll keep us updated about everything interesting:-)

    • Allison Jones Says:

      Hi Marlla,

      Thanks so much for the positive feedback – I hope you can make the leap when you’re ready! Just remember to take it easy, be kind to yourself and have fun with it.

      Re iHerb, yes 4 pounds isn’t a huge amount but I mostly use the service for supplements which generally don’t weigh much. And I tend to buy them for my family so I order fairly often. When I want to order some grocery-type products, then to stay under the 4 pounds, I usually will put 1 or 2 grocery items in and then there is room for some supplements within the 4 pounds. Coconut butter is definitely one of the heavier items, so how I would do this is order 1 x coconut butter and then fill up the rest of the order with supplements, eg. magnesium or digestive enzymes. You may just have to experiment with the shopping cart to remove something to get it under 4 pounds. It’s still a lot cheaper than purchasing things from Australia. Herbal teas and natural toothpaste are things that don’t weigh much, so I sometimes include these to fill the order up to $80 and under 4 pounds. But, as I mentioned, the coconut butter is heavy, so it will bulk up your order.

      The rosehip oil is beautiful – I don’t use it everyday, but it can be used for face, hands and decolletage. The price on iHerb is very cheap and I think they make for good quality, inexpensive gifts 🙂

      thanks for reading!

  6. Marlla Says:

    thank you for your answer and kind words.
    Speaking of rosehip oil, I got this deal offer today and as I’m pretty new into organic, natural, paleo, you name it, stuff I thought it’s quite a good deal for a natural skin care.
    And I thought you might be interested too. If not, at least you could tell me what’s your take on this brand if you’ve ever tried or heard of it. Here’s the link:
    Have a lovely day:)

    • Allison Jones Says:

      Hi there
      I haven’t come across this brand before but it looks like a good deal for $30! I have used clay masks before and liked them. Clay can also be used for foot baths to help draw toxins from the body (via the skin which is our largest organ).

  7. Tricia Says:


    Just came across this blog. Nice work and thank you for all the great tips on where to get paleo supplies in Sydney. I live in the North West of Sydney and find it hard to get good quality stuff out this way…….but don’t mind the drive into the inner west, city or east for quality produce! I’m actually a member of the Sydney Paleo meet up group, and since joining back in July, I have been able to attend 3 meet ups, which were loads of fun. Do check it out online and join if you can. Anyone can suggest a meet up, not just the organisers. The last one saw about 15 people attend, and it was great to meet like minded people, and share health tips and experiences with paleo/primal eating. Hope to see you guys at one meet up soon. Tricia

    • Allison Jones Says:

      Hi Tricia,
      Thanks for the lovely comment – I need to resurrect the blog as I haven’t posted in a while!
      I am a member of the meetup group but haven’t made it to any meetups as yet, I’ll lookout for the next one.
      thanks for stopping by 🙂

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