Paleo-friendly groceries

Day 1 of Paleo and Mum reminded me it would be good to stock up on a few supplies while we were out in a suburban shopping mall ….the kind that is packed with older ladies adhering to the “Mutton dressed as lamb” look…well it was “The Shire” after all.

So I picked up a few goodies:

  • Paw Paw: probably one of the best fruits you can eat on account of the enzymes it’s packed with, similar to Papaya. I get a kick from the slight bitterness of paw paw. I am also a lime fanatic….I wonder if that alludes to my personality? Tart, but also sweet. I used some in Paleo muffins and also ate some sliced up as a snack.
  • tin of mackerel: one of my favourite types of fish – a good, oily type of fish. I plan to use this to make some sort of thai-style fish cake
  • potato crisps – these are actually not that Paleo-friendly as potato is meant to be very limited, however I know I am going to find it hard-going to come up with snacks at times. I used to react terribly to potatoes (on account of solanin plus another chemical in nightshade veggies) but had a wacky acupressure-type treatment which has reduced my reaction to it.
  • Portobello mushrooms – I much prefer these to button mushrooms which are rather bland really.
  • Preshafruit Pink Lady apple juice – this is the juice that’s in real nifty packaging in the shape of a trapezoid. Delicious to boot and processed differently the most juices, keeping most of the nutrients intact.

Paleo shopping bits and pieces


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